October 18, 2018


The European Space Agency (ESA) is overseeing the Ariane 6 programme, with CNES providing its expertise through integrated project teams and engineering for all of the launcher’s components and the launch complex. ESA has tasked ArianeGroup with developing the 2 variants of the Ariane 6 launcher and with their commercial operation through its subsidiary Arianespace. ESA has also appointed CNES as prime contractor in charge of developing ground facilities in French Guiana.

Streamlined industrial organisation

The launcher prime contractor ArianeGroup is aiming to significantly lower Ariane 6’s production costs with respect to Ariane 5. To this end, it is developing a streamlined, centralized production process based on vertical integration of the main contractors, specialized production sites in Europe, modernized production systems and a sequenced assembly line.



Formally incorporated on 1 January 2015, ArianeGroup is a French-German joint venture owned equally by Airbus and Safran. In July 2016, ArianeGroup (then Airbus Safran Launchers) acquired CNES’s share of Arianespace.

Integrated ESA/CNES team at ArianeGroup

To bring together under one roof all of the skills required to make the Ariane 6 programme a success, an integrated ESA/CNES team is working at ArianeGroup. ESA and CNES thus intend to share their experts’ know-how through a development approach focused on managing risk.

Ariane 6 industrial organisation. Credits: ESA

Booster casings will be manufactured in Italy and their nozzles at ArianeGroup’s facility in Le Haillan near Bordeaux. They will be filled with solid propellant and then integrated with the launcher in French Guiana by Regulus at Europropulsion’s BIP booster integration building.

The Vulcain 2.1 and Vinci engines will be produced at ArianeGroup’s factory in Vernon west of Paris. Certain parts will be produced by additive manufacturing (AM).

Ariane 6’s lower stage will be assembled in Les Mureaux near Paris. Unlike Ariane 5, it will be assembled horizontally.

The upper stage will be assembled in Bremen, Germany, by ArianeGroup.

New launch pad

ELA4 construction

2 October 2017, the future Ariane 6 launch pad under construction at the Guiana Space Centre. Credits: CNES/ESA/Sentinel Guillaume Berthier, 2017.

Artist’s impression of the future Ariane 6 ELA4 launch pad at the Guiana Space Centre. Credits: Cardete & Huet Architects, 2016.

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